Some stories deserve to be heared, and some stories are presented in a way that makes it very unlikely for someone to ever hear about the story. I'm here to package your story in a way that supports and facilitates the message.

My story

I'm primarily lead by intuition, which has influenced my life in many ways, from spontaneously moving out of my parents house, to three months later leaving to work in Germany.

But in order to tell the story properly we need to take it back a bit further. In school I was heavily into the gaming scene, more specifically the Call of Duty scene, one of the scenes that brought forth the most prominent brands in esports today. Although I noticed very early on that gameplay wasn't going to be a positive asset to my carreer in gaming. I noticed that my brother was playing around with a piece of software called Cinema 4d. Which back then was the primary tool to making cool looking graphics for
your YouTube channel.

Heavily confused, but also curious and driven I finally fired up my first version of adobe photoshop at 11, I was cheered on by a stable of trojan horses that came with the download, but I was ready to start learning. And the rest is history.