Zorginstelling ambions

Visual identity

The imperfection in this style tells the story that the beauty of life isn't just in the perfection of a situation but the fact that we're there to experience it. To remain curious and to keep discovering, even when the road of discovery is rough and unique.

The client

Ambions is a new organisations that delivers care to the people that can use it the most, from children with disabilities to elderly who just need a little help. Founded by two experienced professionals, who both saw how care should be but also should NOT be done. Care in the Netherlands has suffered the last few years because of additional rules and protocols that get in the way of delivering the actual care people deserve

The products


Visual system


The Approach

25seven was a newly formed company that worked with individuals who created from a base of personal interest. Which created a culture that was youthful, and very much driven to improve and grow. Almost aggressively moving towards creating a better future for the company.

I wanted to reflect the mindset accurately by making the branding feel very assertive through the usage of a very bright and saturated yellow, together with an adaptation of a number in a sans-serif font that had overly exaggerated “crotches” (a tiny technicality in typography)

The result

The style of the visual identity matches the work ethic behind 25seven, and connects seamlessly through the balance of minimalistic typography and a blasting color palette. It allows for easy application and expansion upon this visual language.